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Sumatra Whole Bean Coffee

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12 oz. of Whole Bean Sumatra Coffee - USDA Organic, Fair Trade

Does the scent of a smooth, deep roast coffee in the morning make you feel complete? If so, you should experience Kinetic Koffee's full-bodied, bold, 100% Sumatra roast. 

This is a rich, full-bodied coffee which is as elegant as it is exotic.  Our friends at Kinetic Koffee roast fair-trade sourced, raw, green beans to a rich finish in small batches.  These artisan micro-roasters are the pride of our small town, known for their premium organic coffees and fair buying practices.

We take our coffee very seriously here at the Barn. Whether as the first sensory delight of the day, or to complete a decadent meal, our Kinetic Koffee's Sumatra roast is the coffee connoisseur’s choice.


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