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Yellow Flight Tulips


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Yellow Flight Tulips make a joyful and sunny display, with bright yellow petals that slightly curl and lift off like little wings when in full bloom.  Yellow tulips symbolize friendship, hope, and sunshine, and their cheerful presence will make anyone feel buoyant and bright.  Because of this, a bouquet of Yellow Flight tulips makes a great pick-me-up or get-well gift, and of course, also as a "just because" surprise. 

Soil-Grown Tulips

We grow our tulips just as nature intended: in rich, composted soil, after going through a nice, cold “winter."  We only source premium bulb stock which, when grown under the right conditions, can produce a sturdy plant with larger buds, darker foliage and a superior vase life. Studies have confirmed that the quality of soil grown tulips surpasses those that are grown in water. And it really shows with our tulips weighing on average 45 grams each (more than double the average of others). Their impressive weight reflects the bloom size, strong stems, and overall healthy hydration.



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