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Yellow Diamond

Royal Lilies

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12 Stems Yellow Diamond Lilies

Our Yellow Diamond Lilies are perfect for people who love radiant, sunny yellow blooms. These LA (Longiflorum Asiatic) Hybrids are acclaimed for their thick, color saturated petals and long vase life–longer than any other lily! Their bright color can chase off the blues like nothing else I know, plus they were bred to not have a fragrance, which makes them a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Whether you leave these lilies tall, letting them display their grandeur, or shorten the stems for one or more compact arrangements, these 12 stems will put on a great show! Beargrass is added for depth and texture.

We grow Yellow Diamond Lilies slowly in order to achieve thick stems, dark foliage, exceptional vase life and the biggest blooms. We do not rush these beauties! They prefer hot days and cool nights so we plant in hoop houses where they develop the best color saturation.


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