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White Winter

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12 Stems White Oriental Lilies with Christmas Greenery

Our pure white Oriental  Lilies have huge, dramatic flowers, long, strong stems, and an incredible vase life! Cedar branches contribute evergreen fragrance, and a contrasting feathery, bright green texture to this holiday bouquet.

Growing Oriental Lilies

We grow all our flowers in soil, and our rich mixture of redwood, Douglas fir and other local wood fines, compost, and sand creates the perfect environment for our bulb crops.  Once our bulbs are planted, we place them in our Rooting Coolers, where we simulate early spring, creating a chilly and moist atmosphere which signals the bulbs that it’s time to form their root structure.  Once the root base is there, the bulb will sprout out of the soil, and we know its time to move them into our glass greenhouse.

White Cup Lily and Cedar Arrangement Suggestions

  • Spray: Add lily stems one at a time, layering with greenery as you go. Disperse branches evenly throught the white lilies, even positioning them a bit taller to spray above bouquet.
  • Collar: Gather the cedar branches and place around the base of the white lily bouquet, forming a "collar" around the outside of the lilies.


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