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Blue Telstar Iris bouquet with vase

Telstar Iris


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The Telstar Iris boasts radiance beyond compare -- its recognizable coloring is matched by its singular, ethereal form, which is why this particular iris variety is especially prized in the floral world. Their eye-catching violet-blue makes them one of the most “blue” irises available anywhere, boldly accented with contrasting, bright yellow at its center. The Telstar Iris's coloring starts with its good genes and is made better by our farms environmental conditions (i.e.  cool, coastal temperatures).  These Fleur-de-lis beauties are delivered next-day, and will arrive with tight, spear-like buds showing a dash of color on the tips.  As they open, they will display their delicate 3 upper petals, which are called "standards,” and 3 lower petals, which are called “falls”. We include stems of beargrass to add depth and texture to this farm fresh Iris bouquet.

We grow our Iris on the Northern California Coast in hoop houses during the winter, and out in open fields during the summer.  The high light and cool growing conditions of our farm's location are optimal for growing iris.  We start with excellent bulb stock and nutrient-rich, composted soil, and then closely monitor the crop as they mature into vigorous plants with beautiful blooms and strong foliage with superior lasting qualities. Irises are harvested when a sliver of color is showing on the flower head, just before the bud becomes full, keeping the delicate petals safe during transport.

Bright violet-blue Iris make excellent next-day gifts.  Whether you want to celebrate a holiday, send a business thank you, or congratulate someone on a goal achieved, these brilliant flowers will be sure to get your message across.


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