Large Pink Roselilies


Rose Lilies

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10 Stems of RoseLilies | SHIPPING INCLUDED

Fabulous and fun double-petaled Rose Lilies put on a spectacular show.  Watch as layers of ruffled, candy pink and white petals unfurl and captivate your heart.

About Rose Lilies

When Rose Lilies fully open they resemble the layered characteristics of a rose, while offering the positive attributes of a lily, such as long-vase life and strong, tall stems.  Rose Lilies were discovered and further developed in the early 2000s, making them one of the newest breeds of lilies in existence!  They produce no pollen, which makes them an excellent gift for those who suffer from allergies.

Rose Lilies on the Farm

Starting with the highest quality bulbs, we plant Rose Lilies directly in our nutrient-rich soil and compost mix.  They start in “rooting coolers," which recreate a chilly, moist, "winter" atmosphere which signals to the bulbs bulbs that it’s time to start building roots. This strong root base is the lilies support system, and once it is established, we move the lilies to our glass greenhouse. As they grow and develop, they are supported by a wire frame which we raise incrementally as the lilies reach skyward.  When an order for Rose Lilies comes in, we pick them fresh from the dirt, hand-wrap them, and deliver them next day to you!

Enjoy these beautiful and unique lilies as they open progressively over the course of two weeks.


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