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Holiday Branches with Festive Red Berries

Ilex branches show off vibrant and glossy red berries clustered along strong, upright branches. These festive holiday branches make the season come alive! You can display these holiday branches by themselves, letting their solo brilliance shine, or add flowers and greenery to make several mixed bouquets or centerpiece arrangements. Ilex Berried Branches also make a great gift for the holiday host or hostess!

About Our Ilex

Our special varieties of Ilex has been propagated and hybridized to produce marked characteristics like saturated color, large berry size, dense clustering, and ideal stem positioning. We grow Ilex on our outdoor Willow Creek property where we grow mostly female plants (since they are the ones to produce berries). Once harvested, we remove the leaves to expose the striking berries.  Our ilex is known for its incredible vase life--on average, it can last for three weeks!

Ilex Display and Care

Regardless of whether you display these holiday branches by themselves or with other flowers and botanicals, follow these care directions for long vase life.

  • Trim 1” or more off branch ends at an angle and place into a clean container with fresh water and flower food solution.
  • Remove any berries below the waterline (to help prevent bacteria from growing).
  • Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts.  As berries grow old, simply pick them off to keep the display looking flawless.
  • Replace water when low or dirty.


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