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Winter Tulips

North Star Tulip

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There is something about January that brings our our inner minimalist and this delicate bouquet is just what we need! Two dozen white and wavy, North Star Tulips are paired with a handful of Cedar greens to create a bouquet that is sure to to brighten your winter. 



These tulips are considered a "Super Fancy" variety due to limited bulb availability and the finesse required to grow them.  They are truly special flowers that require special expertise and care -- we make sure they get that care by walking the glass greenhouse where they are grown every day, inspecting their progress and adjusting our crop management as needed.  Of course, this labor of love pays off when these beautiful blooms open up and reward us with a profusion of sweetness and frills.

Our tulips are picked and shipped fresh from our farm and delivered overnight.  They will arrive in bud form and open fully over several days. 


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