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Holiday Tulips and Ilex on the Bulb

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Unique, Garden Style Tulip Display

Why not enjoy our favorite flowers while they remain on their bulbs? If you love gardening like we do, you will be delighted by the rustic farm aesthetic of our Tulips on the Bulb. This holiday flower display is both earthy and hip, fun and free-form. Watching the tulips grow upward is a heart-lifting experience, and its charming form makes a perfect centerpiece or entryway display and will certainly be the talk of any holiday gathering.

This unique offering is also available in orange during autumn.  All of our farm fresh Tulips arrive next-day, in bud form, and will begin to grow upright and bloom within a few days.

PLEASE NOTE: These do not come with a vase and the plate pictured is not included.

Display & Care   

  • Place the bulbs into a large pie pan or serving dish.
  • Encourage the bulbs to reach the pan and balance by gently grasping around the twine with one hand while with the other hand, gently pulling bulbs downward to create a solid base.
  • Adjust the bouquet until the Tulips are standing upright and add some fresh water to the pan.  You need just enough for the roots--there is no need to submerge bulbs completely.
  • Prop up any wild or drooping tulips with a bottle or book overnight.  This will train it in an upright position as it re-hydrates. (A tulip maintains whatever position it was in when it re-hydrated.)
  • Replace water when low or dirty.  No need to add flower food--the bulbs give the flowers all the nutrition they will need.
  • Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts.
  • If a flower stem gives way, snip it off above the crease and place the tulip bud in a vase to continue enjoyment.
  • Enjoy as your Tulips progressively open and grow taller.

If I plant these bulbs, will they come back? MAYBE!

The next generation of tulip is already inside the bulb - in good conditions it should sprout and possibly bloom a second season. Regions with a hard frost will have better chance of the blooms coming back.

Bulb Planting Instructions:

  • Cut greenery off an inch above the bulbs, let bulbs dry fully.
  • Store in cool, dry, dark spot until Autumn. Be sure to allow air flow to prevent mold.
  • In October, plant in the garden or a pot in a sunny location, with roots down, pointy tip up in about 6-8 inches of soil, 4-6 inches apart or closer if desired.
  • Irrigate lightly after planting.  Unless you live in a dry enviornment, there should be enough rain through fall and winter to provide bulbs with enough moisture.
  • Wait patiently for spring and pray to the Tulip Gods.

If your tulip bulbs sprout, grow and bloom, send us a photo -

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