Fancy Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Fancy Tulips

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We started this offering for Valentine's Day, but it has been so loved, we decided to keep it going! It pairs wildly wonderful fringed (crispa) white Tulips, with two varieties of wild and sweet pink parrot Tulips.  Both varieties are loaded with personality, and the parrot tulips feature streaks and twists of pinks, ivory, and green.

Origin of Fancy Tulips

  • Fringe Tulips were developed by one of the modern masters of tulip breeding, Geert Hageman. While Tulips with fringe have been around for several years, the new varieties we grow stand out as dramatically better tulips for commercial flower farming, as opposed to typical “garden variety” tulips. Rumor has it, that to achieve these impressive results, Mr. Hageman took older heirloom varieties of fringed tulips, and crossed them with newer varieties, creating an exceptional class of beautiful crispa tulips.
  • Tulipa gesnerana dracontia (or Parrot Tulips) came on the commercial flower scene in the early 1900s, and thanks to modernized hybridization, vast improvements to stem strength and color variations have happened.  The bold, serrated edges of the tulip petals give them a ruffled appearance, which is thought to be reminiscent to the feathers of a parrot. These feathered, curly, and wavy petals really stand out and demand attention.



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