We grow our lilies, irises, and tulips in our glass greenhouses on the Northern California Coast.  The Pacific Northwest climate is perfect for bulb crops, with an average yearly temperature between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our cool (but not cold) evenings are essential for saturated colors in the petals, and coastal cloud cover helps to diffuse the sun -- this even light level produces strong, bright foliage and stems.

Each flower we offer was grown on our land with our own hands.  We do not source our flowers from other farms or other countries -- these are 100% American-Grown blooms, planted in rich, composted soil the way nature intended.  We don't rush the process and we don't take shortcuts.  Flower farming is hard work, but worth every second in the dirt.  Our reward? Seeing our healthy crops rise up season after season, and then sharing our love of flowers with you.