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Nestled in between the Humboldt County redwoods and the chilly waters of the Pacific, our flower farm is located in the perfect climate for growing stunning flowers.

We don't source flowers, we grow them.

They are grown on our land, with our hands. We grow in soil the way nature intended, with the distinctly American esthetic of quality and attention to detail. Farming is hard work, there are no short cuts and we can't rush the process.

Stargazer Barn embodies the soul of a farmer, the devotion of a monk and the heart of an artist.

These are the flowers we keep on our table, the flowers we share with our families and friends.

The original Stargazer Lily was bred just down the road from here. The flowers you buy from Stargazer Barn are cut fresh from our greenhouses, hoop houses, and fields. Passion and experience combine to bring you the highest quality flowers available.

You'll notice we don't just sell "white lilies" or "red tulips," instead, we offer the actual varieties that we grow in the rich soil. Our customers are connoisseurs of flowers, and we honor these enthusiasts by offering flowers that stand alone in a crowded market place.

Please browse through our offerings, with the knowledge that when you order from Stargazer Barn, we aim to exceed your expectations.