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Flowers. Wine. Friends.

Humboldt County Flower Farm
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Who We Are

We are flower farmers, lovers and enthusiasts located on the Northern California coast. We believe in the power of surrounding yourself with beautiful flowers, warm-hearted friends, and an outstanding bottle of wine.

The Story of Our Name

The Stargazer Lily was originally bred on our farm in 1974, so when we decided to start selling our bouquets online, it made perfect sense to include the iconic bloom in our name. The Barn portion of our moniker comes from an old Redwood barn that has stood on our farm since long before we began growning on the land. One of our founding team members used to use the old barn as a photo studio and nicknamed it, Stargazer Barn the name stuck and as they say, the rest is history!

Pride in our flowers & Pride in Our Farm

Unlike most online flower companies, we are not shipping from a far off farm or an exotic volcano. We are shipping from OUR farm. We are a small, tight knit team with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to get our hands in the soil. We only ship flowers we would be proud to have on our own kitchen table — and our standards are high! We are committed to growing flowers that are sustainable environmentally and economically. This means that we dedicated to continuously reducing our use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides. We also are proud to one of the largest employers in our community while providing living wages, health care, and a beautiful place to work!

We are proud to back up our sustainable farming practices with our Rainforest Alliance Certification which independently evaluates our farm. You can read more about that here.  

If You Can Grow A Tulip You Can Grow A Grape, Right?

Our farm includes a small vineyard with some of the oldest grape vines in Humboldt County. For many years our grapes remained untended while we focused on growing our beautiful blooms. Fate brought us together with Wil Franklin, a winemaker who saw the potential in our grapes. Wil has realized the potential of our vineyard and has been producing award-winning wines that express the unique terroir of Humboldt County's Trinity River. 

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Flowers & Wine are better with Friends

Humboldt County not only has the perfect climate to grow strong, beautiful tulips, and to make delicious wine, it also boasts an exceptional community of artisans and small-business owners. Once we started pairing wine with our flowers, we knew that adding in artisinal goodies from our local friends would only make our gift boxes better!

Single Origin Chocolate

Our friends at Dick Taylor produce some of the finest craft chocolate around! We think the single-origin Madagascar chocolate makes an excellent addition to our Stargazer White Collection. 

Organic Coffee Humboldt County

Nothing beats a Sunday morning spent sipping coffee while admiring farm-fresh blooms; we honestly try to spend as many mornings as possible doing just that. We on the farm are nearly as passionate about coffee as we are flowers so adding Kinetic Koffee to our Barn offerings was a no brainer. Our Flower Foodie Collection was born out of our desire to share with you our favorite parts of the weekend, and once you experience it we are pretty sure you will be ordering yourself regular shipments.