Kinetic Koffee

Charlie Jordan and Mark Ritz are passionate about coffee. Some say they are weird, some say the are obsessed...we say, "Wow, that's the best coffee I've ever had!"

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True Coffee Artistry in a Cup

Kinetic Koffee Company is an artisan micro roaster, located in Humboldt County, California surrounded by redwood forests, towering mountains, raging rivers, and the Pacific Ocean--a true outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Meticulously roasted in small batches by hand, they specialize in super-premium, certified organic coffees from around the world. Each roast is custom designed with distinctive profiles.

Kinetic Koffee Company is a firm believer in the "Think Globally, Act Locally" philosophy. All of their coffees are certified organic, shade grown, and governed by fair trade practices. In addition to purchasing from environmentally aware vendors, they also contribute 10% of their net profits to charity.

“Kinetic” is defined as energetic, dynamic or resulting from motion. To the owners of Kinetic Koffee, it’s all about human powered activity, whether it be cycling, paddling, skiing or any other active sport you crave. Participation in these endeavors demands enormous amounts of energy, stamina, dedication and caffeine. We are outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, and we share and celebrate these attributes.