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The Wonders of White Oriental Lilies

White Lilies for Easter

I never expected to say this: but I love watching flowers bloom. It couldn’t be more different than watching paint dry.

Recently, I received a delightful bunch of White Oriental Lilies. While I knew I would love the Oriental Lilies, I didn’t expect to enjoy the relaxing process of watching the buds blossom. Some of the buds have almost fully opened and will likely greet me in their full glory when I return home today. Needless to say, I can’t wait. 

White Lily Buds

Once you have your lilies, there are only a few steps needed to properly care and display them to ensure a long lasting vase life. The blooming stage of lilies can take up to fourteen days. When you purchase or are given lilies, they will arrive in the early bloom stage. This means the lilies will still be in their bud form. These mysterious, tight buds will begin to slowly open. This process starts with a few opening buds, known as the midpoint bloom stage, before entering the much anticipated open bloom stage. In the open bloom stage, you will find yourself in the presence of gorgeous, huge blooms and colorful pollen.

While pollen can be a possible threat to your clothes, furniture, and tablecloths there is a simple and trustworthy tip for removing pollen and preventing it from staining. In the case of a bouquet of the White Oriental Lilies, your flowers will reveal themselves to be an elegant, joyful, bright white.

white lily bouquet

As a whole, Lilies are one of the most popular flowers on the globe. This widespread love for lilies is a longstanding romance throughout history.  Dating back to around 1580 BC, images of lilies can be found on paintings and vases created by the Minoan civilization. The Greeks believed the goddess Hera created lilies accidentally when she also created the Milky Way. According the Romans the goddess of beauty herself, Venus, grew so jealous of the White Lily’s beauty she created the pistil to grow from its center. The lily, the most mentioned flower in the Bible, is in both the Old and New Testament.  

White Oriental Lilies have their own unique historical meaning. As a symbol for purity, sympathy, and innocence, the flower became deeply associated with the Virgin Mary. It is believed her tomb was covered in lilies which may explain the popularity of the lily as a funeral flower. Throughout different cultures, lilies have also served for treating fevers, burns, and even arthritis. In China the lily’s bulb is used in cooking. It is obvious lilies have captured the love and affection of many different people throughout different periods of time. Have lilies captured you heart?

send white lily bouquet

White Oriental Lilies have a unique, timeless beauty. Due to their huge bloom sizes and a long lasting vase life, a bouquet of snowy White Oriental Lilies will be certain to bring happiness and add an exquisite touch to your home or office. 

With their progressive flowering stages, the lilies begin as sweet, secretive tight buds which will reveal a showy display of beauty as they open. If you are like me, then the different blooming stages will be certain to bring you joy. And if you are like the many diverse groups of people the lily has inspired, you will find yourself with a new favorite flower. Throughout history, the people who encountered these flowers were in such awe they interwove lilies into their daily lives and cultures.

Now, isn’t that love?

Amy Nicole Marietta