Wine and Flower Delivery


Nearly every day we get a call asking if we offer a wine and flower delivery. Let’s save you a phone call, the answer is yes!  Stargazer Barn is unique in the online world, as we are literally a flower farm and a vineyard. This allows us to offer a wine and flower delivery in a many different options and configurations… all of them awesome!

There are many similarities between growing flowers and grapes. They need the proper climate and conditions, and a skilled grower. Wine and flowers also build deep connections with the people who enjoy them.

Working on the vineyard

Most everyone has a favorite flower, and most folks who enjoy wine have a favorite varietal. And of course, they are not shy about explaining why their favorite should be your favorite.

Ever have a tulip freak and a lily freak debate the merits of their chosen bloom?  Working on a flower farm, this sort of conversation happens more often that you might think. How about wine connoisseurs talking about grape varieties, growing regions and wine makers? If the wine doesn’t make your head spin, the chit chat certainly will.

Of course, I am guilty of being just as opinionated as the next person, preferring tulip to lilies and a Humboldt County Stargazer Barn Cabernet Sauvignon to just about any bottle out there…that I can afford.

We love to talk about wine and flowers, they both have such complexity and personality, the conversation comes too easy. Its’ truly a simple pleasure.

Wine and Flowers

So, my recommendation is to order a wine and flower delivery from our farm, and let the conversation flow! The easiest way to do this is to go to our Collections page, and see which wine and flower gift collections tickle your fancy, and then place your order.  If it’s before noon Pacific Time, you can have your wine and flowers delivery arrive the next day via FedEx.

No really, and shipping included. Share the joy of flowers, wine and conversation.

Stargazer Barn