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Where Did You Get Those Lilies?

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Stargazer Barn has arrived on the scene for people that believe quality is sacred. With this project, we have set out to redefine what “farm direct” means in the online flower business. Most online flower retailers “partner” with farms.  Simply put, we are the farm. We are the farmers. There is no middle man, we don’t source our flowers from a variety of locations, we grow the flowers right here.

To us, this isn’t a revelation. This is the best way to offer you superior flowers, that will dazzle you, delight your family and your friends will ask,
“Where did you get those lilies?”

This is a great question, the Stargazer Barn is located on hallowed ground. In 1974 the Stargazer lily was bred on our property. The climate here in cold and cloudy coastal northern California is ideal for growing the best lilies, tulips and iris. 

Our weather isn’t great for getting a sun tan; in fact up here you barely need sunglasses due to the daily fog. However, this weather leads to wildly beautiful flowers. The chilly nights and cool days contribute directly to the saturation of the blooms, and the even light conditions correspond with rich green foliage and superior vase life.

Do you have a flower connoisseur in your life? You’ve found the resource to delight and amaze these folks, send them a box of flowers that will be different than any flowers they’ve ever received.

Amy Nicole Marietta