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What is Women's Day?

Flowers for Women's Day

Have you picked up on the buzz about Women’s Day? 

This event has been celebrated on March 8th for over one hundred years. This year it lands on a Sunday, which is a perfect day to share flowers with the amazing woman in your life. 

The first Women’s Day celebration occurred in 1909, and was actually called National Women’s Day. The initial event was to draw attention to unfair working conditions for women in the garment district of New York City after a tragic warehouse fire.

The occasion was picked up by the international community and quickly spread across the globe, becoming International Women’s Day. Today, Women’s Day is having a homecoming. This day to celebrate woman is becoming popular in the United States, the place where it was invented...and of course our American grown flowers are the perfect Women's Day gift. (We have no extra charge for Saturday delivery of Women's Day Flowers, so plan ahead!)

Women’s Day is about celebrating the achievements of woman and recognizing the work that still needs to be done. Honoring the woman in our lives is a first step. Your family, your teachers, your colleagues and all the woman that have inspired you along the road of life often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Change this!

This is a different vibe from Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, which are about a very defined group of people. Women’s Day is a bit more celebratory and a bit more fun. Women can celebrate Women’s Day with just as much gusto as men, and it doesn’t have the prerequisites of the other holidays.

Both women and men can participate in Women’s Day, since we have all benefited from the encouragement and support of woman in our lives. This includes family, like daughters and spouses. It includes coworkers, friends and colleagues. What about the woman who help you every day, like teachers, bus drivers, baristas, and all those woman you come in contact with over the course of a day.

In some cultures, a person will buy a large bunch of tulips for Women's Day and hand out a single stem to all the woman they want to celebrate over the course of the day, doesn’t this sound like fun?

Showing gratitude is one of the things that flowers do amazingly well. Women’s Day has many meanings to many people, flowers are the universal sign of appreciation. Show that you honor and respect women by giving flowers on March 8th Women’s Day.

Amy Nicole Marietta