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What is a Stargazer Lily

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What is a Stargazer Lily?

The creator of the Stargazer Lily, breeder Leslie Woodruff, did not keep detailed notes of how he developed this dynamic, fragrant hybrid, so we only know a little bit about its origin.  It was created in 1974 as an alternative to the beautiful and fragrant rubrum lily.  Rubrum lilies feature an enviable, vibrant pink color, but their downward-facing blooms can lend a droopy, languorous look. Woodruff hybridized the Stargazer Lily to produce the striking, beloved colors of the Rubrum lily, but instead of downward-facing flowers, Stargazer’s blooms face upward, hence the name, Stargazer Lily. 

The Stargazer Lily became commercially available in 1978, and grew to become one of the most popular and recognizable varieties of lilies available today. Over time the original Stargazer liliy has been bred with improvement for growing, and vase life. We currently offer the second generation of Stargazer, called Starfighter. A Starfighter Lily looks almost identical to a Stargazer, however, it has petals that are a little wider, better color saturation and  better vase life.

The Meaning of the Stargazer Lily

A handful of Stargazer Lilies make excellent gifts for any occasion, and can be a wonderfully romantic way to express your love and affection for someone special. A Stargazer Lily Bouquet makes an excellent alternative to red roses when buying flowers for a person who appreciates unique elegance and exotic romance.  Stargazers lilies have an air of mystery to them, because although they have been around for four decades, we still do not know the full details of their parentage.

Stargazer Lilies at Stargazer Barn

Here is a brief video, taken right in the greenhouse.

As our name would suggest, Stargazer Barn is one of the leading sellers of stargazer lilies grown on our very own farm.  Just like the tulips and iris we offer, we grow our Stargazer Lilies ourselves, cut them fresh, and ship them to you straight from the farm.  Our stargazer lilies can be overnighted by themselves as a bouquet, or as a part of a multi-flower arrangement for any occasion, such as our Stargazer Surprise.

We also pair our Stargazers with red wine and white wine, which is a very special treat to have delivered.

For more information about how you can have a bouquet of stargazer lilies shipped to a loved one overnight, contact Stargazer Barn today.


Bill Prescott