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Thank You for Your Hospitality

thank you for your hospitality

Summertime is the season of vacations, bbqs, dinner parties, and, of course, acting as host.  If you have hosted a party or been a guest in someone else’s home, you know how much planning and energy it requires.  Saying “thank you for your hospitality” is one of the most important things you can do to show your appreciation of your hosts’ efforts.

How to Write a Thank You Note For Hospitality

Your hosts were thoughtful enough to plan an event and invite  you, and also to make sure you were comfortable and had a good time.  The minimum you should do is send a thank you note as soon as your stay at their house or their event has ended. Your hospitality thank you note doesn’t have to be long or flowery, it simply needs to convey your gratitude. This is little bit of etiquette will go a long way with your hosts.  The basics for an effective hospitality thank you note include not only writing your thanks, but even adding a short sentence regarding something specific about your time with them, and ending with a comment about seeing them again.  You can take this basic gesture and go even further with a thank you gift.

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Hospitality Thank You Gift Ideas

A gift for your hosts is a very thoughtful way to say “thank you for your hospitality,” and is especially warranted when you or your children have been an overnight houseguest.  Finding the appropriate thank you gift may seem like just one more thing you have to do, but we make it easy for you here at the Barn.  

wine and tulips delivered

There are plenty of creative gift options out there.  Farm-fresh flowers always make a wonderful thank you gift, especially as they can grace the home that your hosts were so gracious to share with you! Bright tulips, elegant lilies, or unique irises are all excellent choices, and if your host is a gardener, try sending them the unique and delightful display of  tulips on the bulb.  If your hosts enjoy wine, sending a bottle of red or white (or both) is a classic choice.  Go further with your gratitude and make your thank you gift extra special by sending flowers and wine in one box.  Flowers and wine sent direct to your host’s doorstep is a surefire way they will feel appreciated (and yes, they will want to have you back again)!  Our Summer Joy Collection is on sale now, and features a bright, summery bouquet of Yellow Diamond LA Hybrids and a bottle of our award-winning Semillon.  

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While our curated gift collections make it easy to simply click and directly send flowers and wine, you’re not limited to what we have put together. You can browse our flowers, wine, and goodies to put together the ideal thank you gift for your host.  Did you share a cup of coffee every morning? Consider including a package of single-origin coffee beans. Did your host confess their undying love of chocolate or their love of artisanal treats? Include a bar of decadent handcrafted chocolate.  If your hosts try to be as eco-friendly as possible, perhaps a post-consumer glass heart, made from recycled materials will fill their heart with joy. 

Farm-Fresh Flowers

There is a perfect thank you gift for every host and our next-day delivery makes it even easier to say thanks.  Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from expressing your gratitude--peruse our shop and say thank you from the heart with farm-fresh flowers and wine and unique gifts.


Amy Nicole Marietta