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Sparrows Born Among Our Lilies

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Recently a new family moved into our lily greenhouse—and it wasn’t the kind of family we were expecting.

They were first spotted as we were on a daily farm walk, examining a portion of Sorbonne lilies. Sorbonne is sort of like a Stargazer lily, only more pink.

Here we discovered a small bird's nest, complete with three eggs, tucked into the long Oriental lily stems.

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We left the nest alone and placed caution tape around the small section to ensure the birds’ protection. Over the next few weeks, we monitored the progress of our “Lily Sparrows,” trying not to be too curious...but it was hard not to sneak a peek.

Our small act of safeguarding rewarded us ten times over—just before the eggs hatched, all the surrounding Sorbonne lilies burst open, as if to welcome the new baby birds to the world. Talk about making an entrance!

lilies with bird nest

I made weekly trips to the greenhouse to check on our little sparrows. They could sense my arrival, as the chirping intensified and echoed around the warm glass greenhouse. The momma sparrow would flutter around and look at me with a disapproving eye from the support beams, as I slowly got close enough to snap a photo, then retreat.

eco flowers birds nest

Eventually, when the babies were big enough, they flew off and away to make their own life…just as they were born to do.

This story of our “Lily Sparrows” not only exemplifies our philosophies of teamwork, family, and “do unto others,” but is also a great illustration of how a professional greenhouse atmosphere can be healthy, balanced, and a perfect place to build a home. Perhaps the picture below, was the baby birds first view.

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Sustainability is a topic we take very seriously at Stargazer Barn, and finding a beautiful nest of babies living among our flowers is a moment of delight and pride for maintaining the best environmental standards possible. This small nest represents the big picture at Stargazer Barn.

I like to think that someday the three sparrows will return to their birthplace to build another nest in our lilies.  If they do, they’ll be more than welcome. 


Amy Nicole Marietta