Send A Great Big XOXO For Valentine's Day

Roses for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here--a day to celebrate the one you love by showering them with a gift they'll love! This year we went all out with our largest bouquet ever of fancy tulips. We're talking about a massive and beautiful bouquet of 30 Crispa and Double Petal Fancy Tulips. Sending this very unique Valentine's Day bouquet to your sweetheart is a great way to show your love!

Send Roses for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day landing on a Wednesday this year we can't think of a better way to surprise your sweetheart than by sending flowers to his or her office. We're sure that after a full workday of staring at the beautiful bouquet on their desk, your sweetie will come home ready to return the gift by showering you in X's and O's. Not only will you get the joy of knowing that you sent a beautiful and throughtful gift but you'll also have the satisfaction of knowing you made a smart gifting decision by ordering from Stargazer Barn where delivery is always free. Or as we like to say, "Pay for flowers, not delivery" which is really the way all online flower deliveries should be, right?

Between the kisses you are sure to receive for giving this bouquet, you can demonstrate the thought you put into selecting this bouquet by telling your sweetie how truly special it is. The XOXO bouquet is a study in both color and texture, featuring a selection of Crispa and Double petal tulips. You wont see a bouquet with this many fancy varieties anywhere else. The Crispa tulips are the ones with delicate, fringed edges such as Curly Sue and Honeymoon. In this bouquet, we are using Mascotte for a deep pink that grounds the bouquet. The Double Petal tulips are the ones with, well, the double petals! This bouquet consists of handfuls of Red Princess, Orange Princess, Flashpoint, and Fox Trot Tulips. Watching these multi-layered tulips open up and reveal new shades of color is captivating and will have you stopping to admire the bouquet throughout the day. 

What flowers to send to girlfriend?

The tulips in our XOXO bouquet have been bred by using age-old traditional methods. Interestingly, some of the tulip varieties have existed since the early 1900's, however, in many cases they were cross bred with modern varieties to enhance colors, texture, and vase life. All the flowers we grow at Stargazer Barn are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance, which is the premier certification program for flowers, ensuring that the flowers you send your Valentine are as eco-friendly as they are beautiful. 

Sending a bouquet of Fancy tulips fresh from our greenhouse is sure to knock your Valentine's socks off. Which is the goal right? (Wink.Wink.)

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