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All our flowers are Rainforest Alliance Certified

Sending flowers is one of the best ways to put a smile on someone’s face, and also makes celebrating any occasion extra special. When you send eco flowers, you not only show care for the person who receives them; you also show you care about the how the flowers are grown and what it means for the environment. Rainforest Alliance Certification is one of the toughest sustainability certififcates to achieve and we are proud to be Certified by such an esteemed group. 

What Does "Eco Flowers" Mean?

Eco flowers, such as those certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance or Bloom Check (yes, we are also BloomCheck Certified) are grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, chiefly reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides in the air, water, and land.

This means flower farmers must meet a series of standards to ensure their flowers are sustainably grown.  For planting and picking, this means pest management, field management, and soil and water quality are closely monitored.  Eco flowers must stay below a certain number of toxicity units per acre, and highly toxic pesticides are prohibited, while environmentally friendly biological methods (such as good bugs vs. bad bugs) are used in their stead.  farm direct flowers
Certified eco flowers go beyond crop management. In order for a flower to be truly eco-friendly, each step in the flower’s journey from field to doorstep is monitored  to ensure it meets the standards of certified sustainability.  Not only that, those who pick certified eco  flowers are also protected by fair wages, healthcare,  and positive working conditions. In addition, certification programs ensure that the company plays a positive (and active) role in the community.

Send Domestically Grown Eco Flowers

At Stargazer Barn, we only offer eco flowers which we, ourselves, grow here in American soil.  As American flower farmers, we’ve been longtime supporters of the amazing Debra Prinzing and her work with  SlowFlowers is a directory created to help consumers locate locally-grown, domestic flowers; because, according to Debra Prinzing, “You should be able to know the origins of the flowers you send to a loved one.”  Sending domestically grown,  eco flowers creates American jobs, nurtures communities, and also reduces freight and fuel consumption.

American Grown Flowers
Our eco flower delivery include several varieties of lilies (starfighters, roselilies, and valentine mixes), tulips (fancy, on-the-bulb, and valentine mixes), and iris.  In addition to overnight flower delivery we also offer Gift Collections featuring small-batch wine, gourmet chocolate, and artisanal jewelry. All of these products are local and sustainably produced.

Flower delivery from Stargazer Barn means you are sending flowers that  are grown under the highest standards.  All of our eco flowers are grown with love and delivered overnight, so you can be sure your online flower delivery will arrive the very next day--fresh,  beautiful, and environmentally sound. 


Amy Nicole Marietta