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Rose Lilies Explained

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“You would have to be half mad to dream me up.”
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you haven't yet experienced the elegant and unique Rose Lily, you are in for quite the treat.  These extraordinary flowers are a special series of multi-layered lilies. As you can see, when Rose Lilies are fully open, they resemble the stratified characteristics of a rose, while still boasting the exceptionally positive attributes of a lily (hence the name). There is debate whether to spell it "Rose Lily" or "Roselily", we've opted for "Rose Lily." 

What are rose lilies?

For all their complicated beauty, Rose Lilies do not have a heavy or overpowering scent.  Rather, they possess a light fragrance which doesn't trigger sensitive noses.  Second, they produce no pollen, which is great news for allergy-sufferers and neat-freaks alike. And third, just look at them! They are incredible, singular, and breathtaking.

Send Rose Lilies

Rose lilies are still a relatively new breed; discovered, developed, and perfected by De Looff Lily Innovation in the early 2000s.  Commercial production of these exceptional flowers didn't actually start until a decade later (around 2011), and here at Stargazer Barn we are excited to offer the variety “Natalia”, which is a study in pink, perfect for Mother’s Day.

What are Rose Lilies?

Any flower connoisseur will appreciate these stunning blooms; however, we’ve found their beauty is not aloof. Our Queensland Tulips are a bit esoteric; perhaps you would have to be a tulip freak to appreciate them fully. This is not the case with Rose Lilies.

One intangible aspect of flowers is their ability to bring people together and spark conversation. A vase of these flowers at a dinner party will be a gathering point. A box delivered to an office will bring oohs and ahhhs from across the room. Add a bottle of our award winning Cabernet Sauvignon to the box, and you've just achieved that moment where that special someone experienced amazement.  This is what a gift should do right? Pairing flowers and wine is what Stargazer Barn does exceptionally well.


Mother's Day Bouquets  

Send a delivery of farm fresh Rose Lilies today, and make some one very, very happy.


Amy Nicole Marietta