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The Right Gift for Mother's Day

Perfect Mother's Day Gift

P. Allen Smith selects the right gift for Mother's Day

It’s hard to find just the right gift that evokes all the things you’d like to tell the mother in your life on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s your own mother, a best friend or the mother of your own brood, a beautiful bouquet from Stargazer Barn just can’t be topped.

This Mother’s Day Bouquet is a stunning fresh-cut arrangement bursting with beautiful complementary colors, and long, gorgeous stems grown on the farm at Stargazer Barn.

P. Allen Smith Mother's Day Bouquets

The bouquet features six perfectly shaped, bright yellow Royal lilies accented with16 gorgeous deep blue irises. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond by topping your bouquet off with a package of organic custom roasted coffee or small-batch chocolate to make her feel like a queen!

Favorite Flowers for Mother's Day

You can have this bouquet delivered directly to your treasured matron, or order one to your own home and use it as décor to host a delightful Mother’s Day Brunch!

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Help mom kick back and relax on her day by providing a bountiful brunch complete with a Stargazer Barn Mother’s Day Bouquet as a centerpiece.

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I’m always amazed at the resilience and tenderness of motherhood, and I like to invite the ladies in my life to kick back and enjoy the day at Moss Mountain Farm on this special day. The fare can be simple—try a balsamic chicken salad and buttermilk pecan pie—after all it’s the togetherness and enjoyment of the day that we all come to celebrate.

Thanks to our dear friend Laura for sharing these pictures!

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