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P. Allen Smith gives tips for Valentines Day flowers

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Valentine’s Day is a great reason to shower affection on loved ones. Whether it’s a spouse, partner, child, parent or dear friend everyone — yes, everyone — loves to receive flowers. Surprising someone special with a fresh bouquet early on Valentine’s week is a great way to build anticipation for the big day on Sunday.

But remember, not all floral bouquets are created equally, and you don’t want to risk a florist fail on such an important day. If you are having trouble navigating this important purchase, Stargazer Barn can make ordering your Valentine’s Day bouquets easy and carefree!

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You simply can’t go wrong with either of these two Valentine’s bouquets from the Stargazer farms. The Lilies 4 Lovers bouquet includes six stems of Stargazer lilies and six stems of White Oriental lilies with a smattering of beargrass for height and texture. This lively bouquet packs a colorful and fragrant punch when the enormous buds burst open with beautiful pink and white petals.

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If romance is what you are after, I recommend the Valentine’s Tulip Kiss with 12 stems of red Ile de France tulips and 12 stems of Jumbo Pink tulips. Tulips are the height of romance. I love to watch a fresh-cut bouquet as the stems begin to lengthen and gently spill over the top of the vase. They are sure to get hearts fluttering!

For added flair, pair either bouquet with a bottle of wine from their vineyards and have it hand-delivered to the office or home to let your Valentine know they are on your mind this week… and get the office buzzing, of course. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday, Feb. 14, so ship your bouquets early!

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