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The Olfactory Experience: Our Oriental Lilies

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A scent can awaken a flood of memories.  It is the charmed time machine that transports us to a marked moment with the slightest hint of a perfume, special dessert, or flower.  Olfaction is our quickest sense, and the right aroma can invoke a sensational whole-body experience in an instant.

The first time I stepped into the Barn and smelled our Starfighter Lilies, I shut my eyes and was instantly transported to my childhood.  I could see my great-grandmother—a sparkplug of woman—standing in our driveway, lilies spilling out of her arms.  Her birthplace was a small village in northern China, where the scent of the native lily was believed to assuage one’s problems.  The aromatic scent of those large, striking blooms reminded her of home, and she wanted to bring her home to me.  That day her olfactory memory became mine.
My connection to aromatic lilies is positive—if asked, I could sit in a room full of blooms and contentedly sniff the sweet air forever.  Others with sensitive noses or floral allergies may find their fragrance too strong or even overwhelming.  Fortunately, not all lilies smell; in fact, some have no scent at all.  The lilies we offer range in aromatic potency from substantial, to subtle, to scentless, so we have something pretty to please any nose.

The most aromatic of the varieties is our Starfighter Lily, the long-lasting, great-granddaughter of our Barn’s namesake—the Stargazer Lily.  This flower pairs its stunning, vibrant pink petals with an equally exquisite scent.  Place a vaseful of Starfighters in a room, and you can almost see their sweet fragrance fill the air.  For a less intense olfactory experience, place the blooms in an open room, or split the stems between two vases to further diffuse their aromatic abundance.  

A still striking, but less fragrant lily is our Oriental White Cup variety.  White Cup Lilies are enchanting and pure in appearance, and their aroma matches their serene presence.  These giant blooms have a slightly sweet (almost citrusy), green floral scent that is only noticeable when you’re alongside their graceful white petals.  This Oriental Lily variety makes an elegant and timeless addition to any room, while its crisp and subtle floral scent acts as natural room freshener.

For those who want beautiful flora with no aroma, the Yellow Diamond Lily is your unscented savior.  This lily is an Longiflorum Asiatic hybrid (known as an LA Hybrid), and is distinguished by its extra-large, funnel-shaped blossoms that warmly display its lustrous hues.  Its development as an Asiatic hybrid has created a long-lasting flower with lush, green foliage, strong stems, and absolutely no smell.  You can fill a room with these vibrant blooms without overwhelming any scent sensitivities.
No matter what kind of lily you prefer—aromatic or unscented—our blooms from The Barn will visually charm and gladden any heart (and nose!) who receives them.

Amy Nicole Marietta