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Millennial Valentines Day

millennial valentines flowers

When you think of millennials a few words probably come to mind. And I’m willing to bet one of those words isn’t romance. In fact, millennials are known for our disregard of the traditional norms of love and dating. Millennials enjoy the perks of casual dating yet fall victim to the inevitable confusion that comes with the rejection of labels. We have shed the idea of structured gender roles in relationships. We’re more likely to use the words ‘going out’ instead of ‘dating’ to describe our romantic life. We’re known for emoticon hearts instead of taking the time to write the words ‘I love you’.

Gifts for the Millennial Generation

Our new intern Jessica, with a bunch our lilies!

With these notions in mind, it might be expected millennials would ignore Valentine’s Day as pointless, commercial holiday. But that is simply not the case. With the difficulties of modern dating, Valentine’s Day is more important than ever to millennials. Valentine’s Day has become the day were millennials can openly embrace the ideas of the more traditional aspects of dating, or dare I say, courtship?

Just because it is Valentine’s Day though, millennials’ values don’t go away. A generation connected by global awareness, millennials hold more knowledge about the power of our purchases than generations in the past. We know where our plastic trinkets will eventually go, we know about how most commercial store brand chocolate is farmed and harvested, we know about the environmental impact of transporting our gifts from across the sea. And yet, keeping with tradition, millennials still enjoy the ritual of exchanging gifts. Few feelings are more exciting than watching your date’s face light up with delight because of the gift you gave them.

Valentines Gifts for Millennials

So what exactly is a millennial to do for Valentine’s Day?

The answer is simple: Give flowers, a piece of nature itself.


Millennial Valentines Flowers
Regardless of the label of the relationship, its length or its seriousness, flowers remain a beautiful gesture of thoughtfulness, especially from a millennial. Keep the nontraditional romance aspect by surprising your partner with a unique and gorgeous bouquet of tulips or lilies in any color you please. There’s no need for red roses to prove your affections anymore. The act of giving flowers itself will speak volumes, especially if you honor the millennial generation’s values by purchasing American Grown buds, which are more sustainably and consciously grown than the flowers overseas.

In the week following Valentine’s Day your partner can watch the flowers blooms grow and smile brightly, remembering the words of the handwritten note you actually took the time to write. The flowers will bloom then eventually slowly fade while the memories of your perfect Valentine’s Day will last forever.

Cheers to a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to our new Humboldt State University intern Jessica for writing this timely piece.

Amy Nicole Marietta