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LA Hybrid : The Hypoallergenic Flower

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LA Hybrids - the name may conjure up visions of elegant-casual (red carpet meets boardwalk), but this LA represents Longiflorum and Asiatic.  These two primary categories of lilies have been hybridized to create elegant-casual flowers in a wide array of colors which have larger blossoms, stronger stems, and longer vase life than their non-hybridized counterparts.

LA Hybrid lilies have the added benefit of being pollen-free, making them an ideal choice for any hypoallergenic environment. Even if an allergic reaction is not a concern in your home or office, the elimination of fragrance can actually enhance your appreciation of these particular blooms. You can display LA Hybrids wherever you please and without worrying that you're adding to a perfect storm of environmental scents (from a coworker's cologne or perfume to the cooking aromas of a kitchen to the essential oils in your living room.  LA Hybrids add lively beauty and natural charm to any setting without taking away from the environment's other delicious fragrances.

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LA Hybrids make wonderful gifts for those hosting Fourth of July celebrations or summertime BBQs -- and even better when paired with a bright, summer wine, like our Dry Rose or Semillion (now on sale!), and a handcrafted wheel of  Cypress Grove Chevre.  Whether you order flowers and wine direct as a gift for a friend or to adorn your own home or office, LA Hybrids are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoor beauty of life, without triggering your allergies.

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We grow our brilliant Yellow Diamond LA Hybrids in our hoop houses on the Northern California Coast.  These American-grown eco flowers are something you can be proud to display or give away. Lilies are a summer-blooming flower, so now is the optimum time to place your order and enjoy their abundant visual (and allergy-free!) energy wherever you are.

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Amy Nicole Marietta