Iris: The Perfect Weight Loss Gift

Best weight loss gift

What do buy someone to celebrate achieving their weight loss goals or to encourage them to keep striving? We all know someone, or may be someone, struggling to lose weight for any amount of reasons. Like any hard fought effort you need to celebrate your victories. This idea is a proven technique to keep the momentum going and achieve your goals.

What is the perfect gift to buy someone who has reached a weight loss goal? Flowers! And not just any flower but the beautiful and elegant iris. These blue beauties have many wonderful attributes, and these same attributes make them the perfect flower to recognize weight loss goals.

gift for someone on a diet

OK, beside blueberries, think of one blue food? It’s harder than it seems right?  Scientists have proven that the lack of blue food in nature has led to blue being a natural appetite suppressant. Isn’t that amazing? The color blue will help reduce your appetite.

This makes iris the perfect flower to have on your dining room table or in your kitchen. 

Giving someone the gift of blue flowers just seems like the perfect way to recognize the hard work they are doing to lose weight. The symbolism is powerful and the message is positive.

Of course, iris have more great attributes, other than just being blue. They don’t have a strong scent, so if someone is sensitive to strong flower fragrance, iris won’t be a problem. Like all flowers, they are temporary; they come and share their beauty with the receiver and warm up the room. They perform the timeless act of blooming for a week or more, and then they can be sent to the compost.

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As your family member, friend or colleague reaches their goal; day by day, and week by week, the spirit of the blue iris takes on a life of its own.
As a person enjoys them in their home or office they will be reminded that they are reaching their goals and making a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  And as more goals are achieved a simple, yet sophisticated bunch of iris is a sign post of progress.


Amy Nicole Marietta