I Won't Be Home For The Holidays : Millennial Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Gift

Hear that sound? It’s my phone buzzing with the dreaded call from Mom inviting me to Thanksgiving.  Notice, I‘m not answering it.   Instead, I’m ordering a flower and wine delivery for her and Dad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and will be travelling the few hours south to see them next month for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is my holiday. This is the time all my friends try to avoid getting saddled with family obligations, and actually have fun. We don’t want to be judged as we drink too much, make fun of cranberry sauce and create wacky “Alt-Thanksgiving” culinary creations.

In my view Thanksgiving is more about celebrating with your friends you see every day, not your second and third cousins that you barely know. It is about being thankful for the crazy times you survived in the last year. It’s about laugher and hugs, not about football and sweater weather.

So I have a plan. My excuse is that my old roommate, whom my parents love, is having boyfriend trouble and we are going to hang out and make sure she is OK.  …In reality, the new boyfriend is great; he works at a winery and is bringing a case of Pinot to the party!

To show Mom and Dad that I am thoughtful, make decent money at work, and am looking forward to seeing them next month, I am sending a Barn box. I am going with the Green and Gold Gift Collection, which has gorgeous yellow tulips with a French bucket style vase, which Mom will love to show off to the rest of the family, as well as, two bottles of nice wine. My dad enjoys the whole wine tasting seen, as does my brother…who judging from recent texts, wasn’t smart enough to avoid the Thanksgiving invite, and is likely currently selecting a sweater for dinner.

After Dad and Brother Jim sample the wine, in the end it will be Mom that finishes the bottles, unless my Dad’s brother, Uncle Lou, comes in from up north, which is a game changer in the liquor cabinet!

So for less than a hundred bucks, I have a duly impressed Mom and Dad, and better yet, I get to spend some rare down time with my friends, and enjoy our own take on everyone’s favorite holiday, and yes, I’m stuffing the turkey with bacon!


Stargazer Barn