I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Bette Middler

Growing up one of my favorite movies was The First Wives Club. I remember my mom commenting on what an odd choice it was for a nine year old, but there was something about women supporting women that really drew me in. Looking back at the movies and TV shows I have been obsessed with at various stages of my life, The First Wives Club doesn’t seem odd at all. It is merely one movie in a string of movies championing female empowerment and the value of friendship. There was Spice World, The Joy Luck Club, Gilmore Girls, and Parks and Recreation —just to name a few.

As we in the floral industry gear up for Valentine’s Day, I am championing a lesser known holiday— Galentine’s Day. It is a day that my enthusiasm for comes as no surprise given my penchant for, as Netflix calls it, “Movies with a Strong Female Lead.”

I have heard Galentine’s Day brushed off as millennial folly. Another day for self-indulgence and silliness; the holiday was created by a fictional TV character after all. Despite the day’s unconventional creation, it struck a chord with a group of women who recognize the value of a day celebrating female friendships.

Ladies Celebrating Ladies

Galentine’s Day 2018, in many ways feels not like a holiday that we want but a holiday that we need.  This past year has been rough for many of us. Natural disasters have destroyed homes and taken lives, #metoo has forced us to confront uncomfortable truths that have for too long been silently accepted, and the political climate hasn’t done those on either side of the aisle any favors. To those brushing off Galentine’s Day as a millennial day for frivolity (which yes, can be a fun aspect of the day) I say that the day has grown out of our desire and the realization that we need more women supporting one another. On days when things seem hopeless and devastating we need friends and we need strong examples of women bravely shattering ceilings.

This year I encourage you to join me in using February 13th, as a day to celebrate all the gal pals and lady friends who inspire us, motivate us, and lovingly let us know when the dry shampoo has stopped doing its job.  


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Written by Melissa. Let Melissa know how you'll be celebrating Galentine's Day or email your Netflix recommendations to Melissa@StargazerBarn.com

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