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Hybrid Lilies Explained

Bright Yellow Bouquet

Nothing about the flowers Stargazer Barn grows is garden variety; our flowers are bred and grown to perform at the highest level. Our Yellow Diamond lilies are a prime example of a premium Longiflorum – Asiatic Hybrid Lily, commonly referred to as an “LA Hybrid.”

These lilies are a sight to behold. Compared to a traditional Asiatic Lily, LA Hybrids have:

•    Thicker petals.
•    Denser color saturation in the petals.
•    Larger buds.
•    Big burly stems.

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So where do these traits come from? The Longiflorum bloodline produces the trumpet shape and provides extra-long vase life. You may be familiar with the trumpet shape of an Easter Lily. The Asiatic bloodline brings the warmer flower colors and the upward facing blooms.

Perhaps their greatest attribute, that many folks may not be aware of, is that they have no fragrance. Many people love the intoxicating fragrance of an Oriental lily, yet, their sinuses do not!

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It is ironic that the scent of a flower can often be a barrier to a person enjoying the flower, since flowers are often times more connected to scent than to visual appeal.  There are also basic common courtesies that on should be aware of when giving flowers.

One time I arrived at a dinner party, with an armful of stargazer oriental lilies, the gorgeous blooms were all opening and the scent was wonderful. I triumphantly presented the lilies to the host, who still in her apron, was putting the final touches on an amazing dinner, which was filling the house with its’ own aromas.

Luckily, I was able to bring the flowers out to the porch, before the entire kitchen began to smell like lilies. Similar scenarios play out at hospitals and anywhere else a strong fragrance may not please everyone almost every day.

Disclaimer: The most popular items ordered from Stargazer Barn are our Stargazer White and Stargazer Red Gift Collection, featuring wine, chocolate and stargazer lilies. So many, many people love the scent of a Stargazer!

We offer the yellow color, because yellow lilies symbolize gaiety. Yes, you know joviality, fun, cheerfulness, happiness, joy and vivacity. Isn’t this what flowers should inspire? Especially if you are sending a gift, yellow lilies are the perfect sentiment. (We will have other colors available soon, they are still growing!)

La Hybrid Lilies

We have also paired our stunning lilies with a bottle of our Semillon white wine, creating the Summer Joy Collection (...and it's on SALE!). This is a light crisp wine that will bring together friends, which always leads to joy.

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Our winemaker Will Franklin, recently wrote a piece about why he growers Semillon grapes, and would you believe that this varietal used to be the most cultivated wine grape on earth?  Check out Wil’s blog post, or better yet, order the Summer Joy Collection and experience Wil’s craft as your Yellow Diamond LA Hybrid lilies open in the warm summer heat.

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Amy Nicole Marietta