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Humboldt State Wine and Chocolate

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Stargazer Barn is based in Arcata, California, way up the coast, almost to the Oregon border. Our flower farm is tucked between redwood forests, the north end of Humboldt Bay, and the Pacific Ocean, which pounds the shoreline about a mile from where the tulips and lilies grow. Our winery is about 35 miles inland, along the Wild and Scenic Trinity River.

Humboldt County is one of the most beautiful rural places to live in the United States.  In fact, our county was recently ranked as the second most scenic in the United States by the USDA .

Our other claim to fame is being the home of Humboldt State University. Humboldt State is an amazing resource for our community, with a gorgeous campus perched on the hill above Arcata.

Humboldt State brings so much to our community, including a constant flow of youthful new ideas, world class cultural events and year after year, a new group of graduates with the skills and drive to spur our economy and jump into the workforce.

Stargazer Barn has partnered with Humboldt State to bring you a special wine offering. We are now offering Lumberjack Red and Lumberjack White wines, with 10% of the proceeds going back to the University to help support  the great work they do not just on campus, but for our whole area.

The Humboldt State mascot is the Lumberjack, paying homage to our history as a logging community, so it is only fitting that our wine carries on the tradition.

Stargazer Barn also offers Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, one of the few “bean to bar” chocolate companies in the United States. Like us, Dick Taylor has partnered with Humboldt State to create a special offering.  The Humboldt State bar is their 72% Belize origin chocolate with Los Bagels “Slug Slime.” 

 Los Bagels is our local bagel shop in Arcata, and a staple for college kids and families alike. Their Slug Slime is basically the “everything” topping on a bagel…except in this case a small amount is pressed on to the bottom of the chocolate bar, when the chocolate is still warm. The savory, salty blend complements the chocolate perfectly.

We are currently offering the two wines individually, and also in a gift collection, which features one bottle of Lumberjack Red, one bottle of Lumberjack White, and a Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Company “HSU Special Edition” chocolate.

This is a perfect gift for Humboldt State alumni, students or parents. However, the artisanal essence of this wine and chocolate offering make it a wonderful gift for anyone who loves wine and chocolate.

Amy Nicole Marietta