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How Do You Take Care of Your Customers?

Business Thank You Gifts

Every day should be customer appreciation day It really should.

Having appreciation for your customers  is only the first step, though. Expressing that appreciation is tantamount, especially if you can do so in such a way that your customers will be reminded of that appreciation every day.  This may seem like a daunting or even impossible challenge, but here at the Barn, we have plenty of ways to achieve this.  

The gift you give says a great deal to the recipient about your esteem for them.  The beauty and elegance of hand-picked and arranged fresh-cut flowers, delivered with the charm of a French Bucket Style vase, can be matched with the locally grown and bottled varietal wines from our farm’s vineyard. Savoring wine on the palate and a floral arrangement's palette can be a synergistic experience that leaves your customer with an enduring sense of your appreciation.

Business Thank You Gifts

The wines we offer are made using small-batch production and fill the full spectrum of oenology - from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot at the oaky red end to Sauvignon Blanc in the dry white range, and beyond to Chardonnay with its conflation of fruity and refreshing.  For those proud of their working class heritage (but unwilling to forego the satisfaction of their palate) Stargazer Barn's Lumberjack Red and Lumberjack White will not disappoint either.

Business Thank You Gifts

The pairing of flowers and wine broadens and deepens the appreciation of both.  Irises and CabernetTulips and SangioveseLilies and Rosé?  The possibilities are bountiful - just like the flowers in these sommelier bouquets.  Our flowers and wine grapes are both grown  on our farm in the Pacific Northwest with natural fertilization and hand-picked harvesting.  If you want to show your customer that you care for Mother Earth and product quality as much in your choice of gift as in your own services or products, our farm is the right gift source.

Send Award winning wine

For those customers upon whom your business truly relies - without whose ongoing business yours would truly suffer - consider an ongoing gift for 3 months, 6 months, or even 1 year.  Every month a new bouquet and bottle of wine will arrive to say thank you , and with every glimpse and every sip your clients will know they are truly appreciated by your company.  Monthly subscriptions can also be made for wine-only or flowers-only gifts.

Know your customer, appreciate your customer, thank your customer - and keep them as your satisfied customer.


Amy Nicole Marietta