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How to Continue a Relationship With Past Clients

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Few things are more exciting than the rush of closing a deal. After the final walk through has been completed, the escrow period comes to a close, and you hand over the keys, it can be easy to say goodbye to your client and simply move on to the next.

However, in the competitive real estate market of today, it’s critical to show your clients, whether they be a buyer or a seller, just how much you have valued their business. Regardless if you were their real estate agent or broker, your client is an important connection to your next customer and should not feel forgotten after the papers are signed. With your client’s ties to family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, it is very possible a client of the past will land you your next lead. 

Flowers Make Great Housing Warming gifts

The question is what is the right way to both congratulate your client and continue to build their trust? One way to do so is to give a house-warming gift to your client, regardless whether they were a buyer or a seller your client will likely be in a new home. With previous clients, it is good salesmanship (or should we say sales womenship?) to send a gift on the anniversary of their closing to celebrate.

Stargazer Flowers and Wine

Consider sending a thoughtful gift of a bright bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers to brighten up their home. Flowers make people smile without realizing it, and your client will be certain to remember you and your business each time they look at their arrangement of budding blooms. Sending a bottle of wine is also a perfect way to help your clients celebrate their home and cheers to their new beginning. Here at Stargazer Barn, we have a wide range of gift collections featuring an array of wines, flowers, and artisan treats for the clients you really want to delight and amaze. 

Artisan Gifts include Coffee, Flowers, and Dick Taylor Chocolate

Another way to stay connected to clients is add them on social media. Don’t be afraid to add clients to your LinkedIn account. There’s a good chance they will feel inclined to give you a written recommendation.  If you often spoke on the phone, consider calling them for a casual checkup. This will give them a chance to share how much they still love their new house and keep your services fresh in their mind.

One more way to keep in touch with clients is to reach out whenever the details of your services have changed. These updates are perfect if you change phone numbers, move addresses, or even change companies and will keep your clients feeling valued enough to stay in the loop. By keeping your past clients feeling valued, you will likely see an increase number in referrals and possibly even repeat transactions.

Flowers and wine

Staying in touch with past clients is necessary for anyone working in the competitive real estate market. Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be extravagant, but if you put thought into a gift it will leave a warmer feeling with your costumers rather than a gift card or some other impersonal gift. Stargazer Barn also offers a discount for frequent purchases, so contact us today and we can keep a credit card on file, so it is easy to have an affordable and appreciated gift sent with ease.

Our goal is to make your business flourish and the perfect ‘thank you’ gift is a key step in the home buying process. 

Flowers and wine make the perfect housing-warming gifts.


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