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Holiday Wine Guide

Holiday Wine Guide

"Pinot goes with poultry" so you will want to have a nice Pinot Noir on your table if you are serving turkey. Alas, ours is still in the barrel, but we recommend looking for a classic Russian River Pinot (Sonoma County, CA), and you won't be disappointed.
2016 Thanksgiving wine recommendations

I checked in with our winemaker, Wil Franklin, and he explained, that most parts of the Thanksgiving or Christmas menu lend themselves towards a big Cabernet [Gold at the SF Chronicle competition] or a Merlot [Silver at the SF Chronicle Competition]. These wines pair beautifully with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and of course, cranberry and pie.

 wines that pair with Turkey

Not having turkey? This is a great time to explore Wil's newest blend, our 2014 Black Bear Cuvée or his 2013 Sangiovese which is a local favorite.
 cabernet cuvee willow creek CA 
The hottest wine you can have on your table or arrive with is a Dry Rosé. The popularity of this wine for pairing with food is evidence, our own Trinity River Vineyards Dry Rosé is already sold out for the season. Keep an eye out for this Tavel Rosé from southern Rhone region of France. There are still bottles available, even though looks sold out.

The holidays are all about fun and family, so as you nibble and nosh, you may inadvertently end up drinking a good part of the day. Try our crisp, Semillon  or our Sauvignon Blanc for a fine mid-day buzz, pinkies up!

Cooking is thirsty work!

Amy Nicole Marietta