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Growing Beautiful Callas

Gorgeous Zantedeschia bouquets

Calla Lilies are elegant, long-legged blooms with a confusing name. After all, Calla Lilies are not true members of the Lily family, but we let them get away with it because they're so darn pretty.  You may find them referred to by their botanical name, Zantedeschia, but here at the Barn we simply call them Callas, which is Greek for “beautiful” – a most fitting name.

Send Calla Lily bouquets

Callas offer a gorgeous color palette and an extremely long vase life; growing them has taken a couple years of practice and testing, but the long stem lengths and the color saturation we’re achieving has been worth the effort. 

Growing Callas at the Barn

As mentioned, we’ve tried a few different growing methods with our Callas, playing with light, dark, warmth, and cool.  About two years ago, we found what worked the best and have kept our practices consistent; now, like clockwork, we have Callas from spring through fall, ready to send directly from our farm to your doorstep.

Flame Calla Lily

In order to get long stem lengths and that enviable saturated color, Callas need a combination of diffused UV light and cool evenings.  To achieve properly diffused light, we grow Callas in hoop houses which are covered in milky-white plastic.  While UV light can still pass through the plastic, the opacity diffuses the sun's rays and allows the light to wrap around Callas big upper leaves to reach the dark areas underneath.  This is important, because Callas need as much light on as many of their leaves as possible in order to stretch to their elegant length.

How to Grow Callas

The second part of this equation—cool evenings—is what really infuses Calla blooms with their intense color.  If callas are grown in a region where it is warm all day and all night, their color saturation will be dramatically reduced.  Our cool, coastal location plays a big part here, and growing our Callas in hoop houses helps, as they allow for the cool, ocean air to circulate freely during the nights. 

Yellow Calla Lily

Callas are multi-faceted flowers, their shape and coloration evokes feelings of romance, friendship, and fun all at once.  They are extremely popular flowers for weddings and events; it’s their iconic look, range of colors, and remarkable vase life of 2-3 weeks which makes them stand out from the rest.  It’s all these qualities that make them an excellent gift for someone special, especially when paired with a bottle of wine and a bar of craft chocolate.  Share something unique, colorful, and extraordinary – stand out from the rest and send Callas today. 


Amy Nicole Marietta