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A Glimpse of Life at Stargazer Barn

Stargazer Barn Community

Like-minded people gather at the Stargazer Barn. It's warm, it's informal's true. We find the times in life we savor most are when we gather with friends and family. We gather around holidays, around food or around a picnic table. Sometimes, we go for a walk alone to the Barn just to gather our thoughts.

The products we offer are gathering points.

We gather around a bottle of wine, sharing a taste of an exquisitely crafted varietal. The small batch nature of Stargazer Barn wine begs conversation. Coming from one of the most unique AVA's (American Viticultural Area) in America, the flavors mingle like good company.

Flowers draw people together.

Flowers express wonder, they invite a person to smell, to get close and look deeply. They open our soul to possibility, and like friends, they make you smile without thinking about it. Stargazer Barn flowers are fresh from our farm. They arrive ready to perform at the highest level. Flowers are temporal, like a party, enjoy their essence and engage in the beauty they bring.

Gather your senses.

Gathering in the morning light, with two hands around a warm cup is a timeless ritual. Whether around a campfire or in a sunny breakfast nook, there may be no morning ceremony as potent as sharing coffee. Let the first experience of your day be exceptional. Our roasts welcome the day or top off the meal. Brew plenty, since more people will be arriving.

Artisanal beauty.

Your family and friends gather in style. Sharing a beloved piece of jewelry or clothing can pull us together. Alluring jewelry created by our neighbors at Holly Yashi adds a classy sparkle to your presence.

And we always eat together.

Dark chocolate is a ritual with our family. "Bean to Bar" is our ethos, and Dick Taylor is our religion. This is a recipe to welcome your family and friends no matter the time of day. Late morning for a touch of sweetness, late afternoon after a bicycle ride or late evening under the paper lanterns hanging in the old tan oak.

Gather your dreams.

A group of friends gazing at the night time sky, laughing at inside jokes and balancing glasses of wine in the moonlight. A falling star streaks across the sky, landing just behind the silhouette of the Barn weathervane. "Did you guys see that?"



Amy Nicole Marietta