Get an M.B.A. in Gift Giving from Stargazer Barn

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Life moves fast and remembering every birthday, holiday, or anniversary can be challenging. We have all been in the situation where we have forgotten to send mom flowers for Mother’s Day, or had the birthday of our significant other sneak up on us. To help you avoid the embarrassment of missing a special day, we have put together a gift guide to help you get an MBA in gift giving!

You can order today, set the calendar for delivery on the special day...even months from now. Then relax.

Mother’s Day-

White Lilies are a Mother’s Day classic. Make sure mom knows she is loved and appreciated with a large bouquet of fragrant White Cup Lilies.

White Lilies

Birthday- Say, “Happy Birthday!” with a bright bouquet of Tri-Color Tulips. Basically the funfetti of tulip bouquets, these will brighten up any birthday.

Anniversary- Whether you have been together for two years or twenty, a dazzling bouquet of Stargazer Lilies, a bottle of wine, and artisanal chocolate is sure to show your love.


Instead of waiting for the next holiday to sneak up on you, head on over to the Barn Shop and set up your orders today!

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