Friendship Day with Rosé

Flowers and wine

Friendship Day is a day to celebrate that beautiful, special bond between friends, and it happens on the first Sunday of August all over the world.  This year, its August 6th.

Friendship day may have been posited by the greeting card industry, but it was actually the US Congress in 1935 who proclaimed  the first Sunday of August National Friendship Day. Keep in mind, at this time the world was nearing yet another World War--mistrust and resentment hung in the air.  A National Friendship Day--while it couldn’t prevent a world war--could serve to uplift the American people, and help them focus on camaraderie within.

National Friendship Day eventually developed into International Friendship Day, and now, all over the world, individuals focus on honoring their bonds with one another.  Traditional celebrations include spending the day with your friend or sending cards, flowers, and gifts to friends far away.  If you’re wondering how to celebrate this day (or even just learning of its existence) we have a great way for you to celebrate your “number one” friend...we call it -- Friendship Day with Rosé .

flowers and wine

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

If your friend lives nearby and you’re able to spend the day together, plan a picnic, brunch, or barbecue and bring a bottle of our Provençal-style Rosé and make “Friendship Day with Rosé” your theme and new tradition! Mid-summer is one of the best times to enjoy a light and bright Rosé, and even better when you share with someone special.

If you’re friend lives far away, consider reminding him or her of your appreciation by sending fresh flowers and wine! Yes, the United Nations may have named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship, but I would much prefer flowers and wine show up on my doorstep with than than a stuffed Winnie the Pooh...and perhaps your friend would too! You could absolutely knock the socks off your friend with a big box of both flowers and wine, like our “Hello, Sunshine” Gift collection, a special summer offering of bright Yellow Diamond Lilies and a bottle of Rosé. Yellow flowers are particularly appropriate for Friendship day, as the color yellow symbolizes happiness and joy and the bonds of friendship.

flowers and wine

Make this year’s Friendship Day a reason to celebrate! We don’t always express our appreciation to our closest friends for their support and love, so this year, say it with flowers and wine.  While Friendship Day with Rosé is a catchy and oh-so-appropriate theme, you can make it your own.  Take a look through our award winning winefarm fresh flowers, and goodies like Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate and single-origin coffee to create a lovely custom gift for your friend.

flowers and wine direct

Above all, cheers to your friendship, one of the biggest joys of life!

Amy Nicole Marietta