Flowers Packed With Care

farm-fresh flowers

A bouquet of farm-fresh flowers which have been hand packed with care by the very people who tended and grew those flowers is the ultimate expression of quality. That quality is exactly what we offer from Stargazer Barn. We are one of the premier flower farms in California, and we take care to pack all our flowers, wine, and gifts to maintain maximum freshness and integrity. 

No matter the occasion, flowers and wine make an excellent gift.  Bright spring blooms such as tulips or iris make a great thank you gift, especially when paired with a bottle of red or white wine. A bouquet of lilies and bottle of wine is a thoughtful and romantic expression of love and affection, while an arrangement of white calla lilies is an appropriate way of expressing sympathy to someone.  Simply put, it's almost impossible to go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The only issue is making sure your flowers are as fresh as can be when they arrive at their destination. 

Our flower arrangements are always shipped overnight, and can also be shipped within the same day they are ordered.  Overnight flower delivery from the farm guarantees your gift of flowers will arrive to your loved one in their best and freshest form. What a treat!   

White Wine and Farm-Fresh Flowers

In talking about fresh flowers, we can’t neglect to talk about our small-batch wine.  Our estate vineyard is located in the Willow Creek American Viticulture Area, known to locals as The Gardner Ranch. This vineyard is one of the smallest and most northern of California AVAs, as well as being one of the oldest and most successful. All of our specially crafted, unmanipulated wines are made from grapes hand-picked in the European tradition. 

This award-winning wine can be shipped on its own, or as a lovely gift package with our farm-fresh flowers. Each of these flowers and wine packages are prepared by hand with the utmost of care, and they can be sent almost anywhere within the continental United States in one day. 

Farm-Fresh Flowers

For more information about our farm-fresh flowers, our wine, or any of the other local goodies we offer, give us a call or browse our shop.

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