Flowers for Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights

Hanukkah Gifts Delivered

What better way to celebrate Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights than to send blue flowers? We have found that blue iris is the perfect choice for such a celebration. Whether you wish to have the flowers delivered overnight to someone else or for your own celebration, these elegant blooms will brighten any room and add to the festivities.

Blue Iris: 40 Stems With Blooms for All to Enjoy

The blue iris always makes a lovely addition to any Hanukkah party. If you haven’t yet been able to choose a gift for your host, send these blooms along a few days before the event. By the time you and the other guests arrive, the blue iris bouquet will have unfolded for everyone to appreciate.

Iris is the perfect hanukkah flower


Why Blue Flowers?

Why should you have blue flowers delivered for the Festival of Lights? You could send an arrangement of white flowers, of course – and we have those available. However, the blue iris simply stands out in all of its rich vibrancy; the hue is an ideal complement to the twinkling lights of the menorah.

The blue iris is bright enough to make any table pop with color, but it also lends an air of quiet dignity that matches the holiday exquisitely. The buds are curved and delicate; when the magnificent blue hue begins to emerge from the buds as they open, the result will be a visual treat that is sure to catch the eye of every person in attendance.

traditional flowers for Hanukkah, iris

A floral arrangement in blue is truly an ideal selection for your Hanukkah celebration. This charming flower is also a superb choice as a gift for others – whether you will be able to attend their Hanukkah party or can only send your best wishes from afar for overnight delivery. The Festival of Lights is a time to honor the traditions of the holiday, and the blue iris will serve that purpose well.

Amy Nicole Marietta