Flower Gifts For Graduates

tulips and iris for graduation gifts

Graduation is one of the biggest accomplishments of a young adult as they have just completed one of the most meaningful milestones in their lives. Whether the student is graduating from College, High School, or Kindergarten it’s a time to celebrate and give a gift of accomplishment. For graduate students they have just completed years of studies and hard work that have brought them to this day. The final moments for a student are an emotional ride. They are embarking on completing their final few exams, preparing for friends and family to join them in graduation, and the end of year activities to graduation. Not to mentions the stress of planning for the next few steps to come ahead such as applying for jobs and internships, possible moving to a new location, or saying goodbye to parting friendships.

Business Insider Graduation Flowers

As for the friends and family preparing to celebrate this great accomplishment of a student, you might find yourself looking for a perfect way to congratulate the grad student. Whether you are looking for a graduation gift for her or a graduation gift for him we recommend checking out a list of the best gifts for college graduates. If you are looking for a more personal gift than just cash, Etsy has some creative ideas for graduation gifts. Stargazer Barn flowers are a top choice to give as a gift to a graduate student. Whether you are giving a bouquet of flowers on their own or pairing it with a something a little more special, the grad student will appreciate it. Especially during these hectic moments they bring some colorful fresh joy to the graduate’s life but also acts as a good reminder to stop and smell the flowers with these moment in life that move by so quickly. Our Stargazer White Collection which includes our famous Stargazer Lilies, paired with a bottle of Trinity River Sauvignon Blanc wine and Madagascar Dark Chocolate from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate. A delightful gift to send to a grad student as you congratulate them on their accomplishments.

This is also a perfect time for grad student to give a gift to the ones who have supported them through all these years of studies. Being a student who is about to graduate, there have been a core group of people who have kept me motivated and encouraged me in my low and high moments of my education. Whether it was a late night call home to my parents when struggling with homesickness, stressing out over a class, or sharing the news on an accomplishment the support that was given by my family kept my head on my shoulders to keep going. Not only just my family, but the people who have surrounded me during this educational journey such as friends, mentors, and professors. This group of people also deserves a gift of appreciation at graduation as without their support my journey through my education wouldn't have been possible. Being able to say thank you by sending Stargazer Barn flowers to some of the key people is a nice touch to their loving support in the past, present, and future.


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If you are a friend or family member who is not able to attend the Graduation ceremony, being able to send them a fresh bouquet of flowers on their special day is a great way to show your congratulations. If the graduating student is having a graduation party afterwards, this is a ideal location to send these flowers. A top gift would be our Be Bright Bouquet, a mixed colored bouquet of Tulips that is paired with Kama Sumatra from Kinetic Koffee and a Belize Dark Chocolate from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate. This sends the message to the graduate that you are there in spirit and all the best with what is to come.

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Sending fresh Stargazer Barn flowers to celebrate graduation during this remarkable time is sure to leave a lasting impression. To all the graduating students, we congratulate you on your great accomplishments!

Bill Prescott