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Field To Vase Dinner Experience #F2V

American Grown Field to Vase

All I can say is "Wow."

One of my goals for this year was to attend a "Field to Vase Dinner." These have been the hot ticket though summer and into fall, and I finally made it!

The premise is simple, a gourmet dinner hosted at an actual flower farm, with the idea that the origin of the flowers at the center of your table is just as important as the food on your plate or the drink in your glass.

Think "locavore" for flowers.

I was able to wrangle a ticket to the sold out event at Oregon Flowers in Aurora, Oregon last weekend. The dinner was hosted in an actual greenhouse, surrounded by thousands of baby lilies. Everywhere you looked amazing flower arrangements by Elizabeth Artis of Espe Floral adored the greenhouse.

Field to Vase Event
My favorite was wild looking lilies, still on the bulb, hanging over the dinner table.  All the attendees were flower enthusiasts. Whether growers, designers, bloggers, educators, wholesalers, or connoisseurs, the talk was all about American grown flowers.

Oregon Flowers is run by the Meskers family, and they took dinner guests on a behind the scenes tour of their farm. This was a highlight for me, seeing the inner workings of a fellow flower farmer and seeing how our two farms compare. The Meskers' greenhouses were brimming with Oriental lilies and calla lilies. Serious eye candy.

Flower Design at Field To Vase Dinner
Next, Ms. Artis gave a floral demonstration, showing some tips on flowers care, I especially loved how she could take the stem of a calla lily and bend it to her will.  It made me think,

"I bet this is harder than she is making it look."
Next was the food, catered by Fosters Craft Cooking, featuring local salmon grilled to perfection, paired with sustainable wine from the Van Duzer Vineyards about decadent. Even though the event was a celebration of local flowers, the attention paid by the organizers to the food was truly noteworthy.

In the end, the flowers and conversation about flowers were really the main attraction, this was really like no other dinner party I'd been to before. Sitting with other flower lovers, literally surrounded by lilies, I took a moment to appreciate the fact that I made it to my first Field to Vase Dinner, and now I need to start figuring out how to make it to the next one!

To learn more, visit American Grown Flowers.

Amy Nicole Marietta