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Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day 2017—a day allocated for collective appreciation and celebration of this Planet Earth, where we all reside. Earth Day officially began in 1970, when 22 million Americans came together to raise awareness about the importance of clean land, air, and water, which eventually led to the creation of the US EPA and the passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.  Now, nearly 200 countries will join in celebrating our earth, with the aim to protect and preserve it to the best of our abilities.

Earth Day Flowers

The most common symbols used for Earth Day are trees and flowers symbolizing the continued growth of a healthy environment. Recently, there has been a rising trend of using iris bouquets as quintessential Earth Day Flowers, which here at the Barn we see as a fitting symbol of a Blue Planet.

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Blue Telstar Iris bouquets from Stargazer Barn are perfect Earth Day flowers, and make a wonderful gift. Our Iris are a symbol of our mission to adapt with the Earth, rather than fight against it.  We do this with sustainable farming practices--recycling our drain water, rotating our crops, and steam-cleaning our soil in order to reuse it.  Any old flower waste goes into the compost pile, which we add to our soil mix..  We use energy-efficient glass greenhouses and when we need to get somewhere on the farm, we use bicycles.

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We strive to be as refreshing and pure as the Earth Day flower, the Iris.  We try to live symbiotically with the planet that, in turn, gives us beautiful lilies, tulips, and irises.  Blue Telstar Iris Bouquets shows the beauty that clean air, land, and water can achieve.

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This Earth Day, feel the dirt, smell the air, and be thankful—Bring some Earth Day Flowers home with you and celebrate with Iris bouquets, grown with the earth in mind.


Amy Nicole Marietta