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Barn Raising

Barn Raising

In the old days a “Barn Raising” was a community event, where the entire community came together to chip in and build a barn. This was an organic, extension of a community supporting each other, with the goal of helping one farmer get their barn built, so they could start or continue contributing to the community.

What a wonderful concept, and it truly has been a successful model for farmers over centuries.

 For us, it was a community who worked to raise the Stargazer Barn.

The barn our idea is based on is out on the back forty, overgrown with blackberries and filled with old wine bottles, bulb crates and inhabited by a large family of skunks.

The Stargazer Barn you are looking at right now is inspired by this barn; by its character, by its soul and by its history. Through the internet we can sweep out the old barn, convince the skunks to move along, and offer an ecommerce, online farm fresh experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Like any barn raising though, we haven’t been able to do it ourselves. Our community has come together to help raise this barn, feed the workers, and contribute to a project that will in turn, support our own community for years to come.

Our motto at Stargazer Barn is “Wine. Flowers. Friends.”  For us, friendship isn’t just liking someone on social media, or name dropping at a cocktail party. Our friends have worked with us, gotten dirty with us and broken a sweat with us, as we raise this barn.

Our partners featured on this website are all people we know. Our kids play together, we wave at each other at stop signs…our town only has three stoplights. We trust each other, and know the quality of the products we create complement each other.

We owe a debt of gratitude to two organizations in our community as well. First, the Headwaters Fund, this organization is a huge resource for Humboldt County and the Stargazer Barn is grateful for their support. The second is Humboldt Made, this non-profit’s goal is to help the businesses which make unique, artisanal products in Humboldt County with business expertise, mentorship and access to resources.

Raising a barn is a huge task, and now that the frame work is lifted and the roof is on the barn, we need you. We are really here to serve you. We will accomplish this with service that harkens back to another age, when a person stood by their word and when something went wrong, you didn’t rest until the problem was fixed. This is the trust that has been built into the barn.

Join us in warming this barn up with laughter, conversation and joy.

Amy Nicole Marietta