Back to School Flowers

Where did summer go? Here at Stargazer Barn it seems we entered some sort of vortex that shot us out the other side of summer, way too soon.   Back to school is more than just the beginning of fall and another academic year. It’s a time for us parents to mark a milestone and embrace a new semester with new teachers, new friends and likely new routines.


We need to celebrate and acknowledge these times. This is how we create memories. This is the perfect time to send a flower delivery or a flowers and wine delivery to your spouse. Summers are tough on childcare, yes there are fun vacations and a break from the routine, but how many mornings are you or your significant other scratching your heads at what to do with the kids for the next day or the next week?

This is also a great time to send a “thank you” flower delivery to the friends and family that pitched in to help. For our family it is Grandmom and Granddad that came to the rescue. Sending an overnight delivery of tulips or iris to the ever-important grandparents is a very welcome gesture. Back to School flowers have become a tradition here on the farm, as the beginning of fall also brings the beginning of the flower “busy season.”

Why not send your sweetheart a flower delivery to the office, sort of a farewell to summer bouquet, maybe our colorful tulips mix, which just jumps from the vase.  It’s hard working being a parent, and often we sacrifice the fun and thoughtful stuff, to make sure the little ones are thriving.  It’s easy to send an overnight flower delivery at Stargazer Barn, order by 12 noon Pacific time, and they will arrive the next day.  

As the kids head back to school, this is the perfect time to take a breath and re-ignite the spark with flowers for the one you love.

Stargazer Barn