Are Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Eco-Friendly?

Rainforest Alliance Valentine's Day Flowers

Flowers are all about the experience.  Perhaps no other gift engages your senses like a flower delivery. Part of this experience, is enjoying the scent and the joyful act of arranging the flowers in a vase.  Here on the farm, we love to get up close and personal with our flowers.  For that reason we’ve dedicated our business to making sure that our flowers are as safe, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Valentines Day Flower Delivery

Our farm has gone through a rigorous certification process by the Rainforest Alliance, which you may be familiar with from buying coffee and bananas, or other tropically sourced food. Ironically our farm, located among the redwoods of Humboldt County, is in a temperate rainforest. So the certification is rather apropos, and the frogs love it here as well!

We want you and your love ones to enjoy your flower delivery to the fullest, and a big part of this is knowing that the flowers were grown in a sustainable manner, in harmony with nature, and not having any detrimental side effects to our community. And this exactly what we have done.

eco-friendly flowers fro Valentine's Day

We use best practices across the farm, using eco-friendly growing techniques such as steaming our soil and irrigation water capture. We also use some non-conventional methods, such as adding redwood and Douglas fir bark shreddings to our soil, which is a natural pest deterrent. On the social aspect, our team members are paid a fair wage and we offer health benefits. Growing in California, we must maintain some of the strictest agricultural and workplace standards possible.

We live and farm in a pretty small community (Arcata is about 18,000 people, and all of Humboldt County is about 100,000), so we truly are connected to our neighborhood.  Humboldt County is a cold, wet place, but perhaps this leads the people to be warm and friendly.

So send flowers direct from our farm to make sure your Valentine’s Day flower delivery is eco-friendly. You may not be aware that 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are grown in far-flung places like Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya. The carbon footprint on these blooms can be pretty astounding.

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We all strive to take care of our loved ones, and of course this mean Mother Nature too!

Sending a Rainforest Alliance certified flower delivery for Valentine’s Day is the best way to get the freshest, most eco-friendly flowers to your sweetie-pie.

Bill Prescott