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Where did summer go? Here at Stargazer Barn it seems we entered some sort of vortex that shot us out the other side of summer, way too soon.   Back to school is more than just the beginning of fall and another academic year. It’s a time for us parents to mark a milestone and embrace a new semester with new teachers, new friends and likely new routines.


Get an M.B.A. in Gift Giving from Stargazer Barn

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Gift Giving Subscription

Life moves fast and remembering every birthday, holiday, or anniversary can be challenging. We have all been in the situation where we have forgotten to send mom flowers for Mother’s Day, or had the birthday of our significant other sneak up on us. To help you avoid the embarrassment of missing a special day, we have put together a gift guide to help you get an MBA in gift giving!

You can order today, set the calendar for delivery on the special day...even months from now. Then relax.

Mother’s Day-

What to do for a Belated Birthday

Amy Nicole Marietta
Belated Birthday Gift Ideas

Time goes quickly and we all get busy...if you’ve just realized you’ve  let a loved one’s birthday pass you by, don’t panic! You can still send an overnight belated birthday gift.   However, don’t settle for a belated birthday gift like a hastily written card or e-card--send something thoughtful which shows that even though the date passed you by, your thoughts of them have not--give your special someone a birthday gift they will appreciate and remember.


Friendship Day with Rosé

Amy Nicole Marietta
Flowers and wine

Friendship Day is a day to celebrate that beautiful, special bond between friends, and it happens on the first Sunday of August all over the world.  This year, its August 6th.